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From small acorns, great oaks grow

Trees are central to the planet’s ecosystem, and we are destroying our rain forests at an alarming rate. Despite the bad, there’s always someone doing good, and helping to make the world a better place. We look at the initiatives set up by companies and organisations who are taking the lead to improve the planet, by tree planting.


Ecosia’s website works the way any other search engine does. But, the advertising funds Ecosia to plant trees and supports their eco-mission. The rolling counter shows the number of trees planted — over 36 million, at the time of writing.

If you’re wondering what’s in it for you, Ecosia don’t track or sell your data to advertisers. Therefore, you can browse the internet without bombardments from advertising, and you’ll be supporting communities and the planet. Ecosia.org

Trees for cities

Trees for cities are the only UK charity revamping green spaces, working on an international level to improve the lives of residents living in cities. A stand-out initiative gets children involved — teaching them how to grow plants, and on where food comes from. Trees for cities’ edible playground scheme is run in cities around the UK, and has over 10,000 children benefiting so far.

In fact, 93 per cent of teachers involved found that it improved children’s relationship with healthy eating. The urban trees initiative helps increase structural and functional diversity in cities, which helps to build a resistance to pests and disease. Treesforcities.org

The Tree Council

The Tree Council is the UK’s leading charity for trees, and work by promoting the importance of foliage in our environment. They also run national tree week, when almost a million trees are planted by thousands of volunteers around the country. Volunteers can get involved by becoming tree wardens, or by participating in ‘seed gathering season’, which runs from late September until late October.

You can also attend The Tree Council’s Walk in the Woods events, which are held around the country in May. Take a stroll through your local woodlands to learn more about the trees around you. You can find out more information about each of their activities online at treecouncil.org.uk


Forestnation encourages schools and companies to grow trees on their premises — for every tree planted, Forestnation sow another. Described as a ‘social business’, Forestnation’s aim is to create a positive impact on the environment and society. The main belief is that growing trees is a ‘symbolic and important act’, helping to bring people closer to nature.

On Forestnation’s website you’ll find information on campaigns, and resources for teachers looking to incorporate this topic into lessons. Members of the public can also take part, and attain advice on how to grow their own trees. Forestnation.com

I dig trees

Ovo Energy and the conservation volunteers have partnered up to create the I dig trees planting scheme. As a result, 500,000 trees have been planted since 2015. Each year, thousands of volunteers get involved in the scheme, by planting trees in cities, schools and parks around the country.

As well as bringing communities together, tree planting will encourage wildlife to set up home in more areas, and reduce carbon dioxide levels. Even better, Ovo Energy offers renewable energy for every customer who chooses one of their green energy deals, five trees are planted. Ovoenergy.com