Urban Outfitters To Start Renting Out Clothing

High street chain store Urban Outfitters, who have announced they are to start renting items of clothing to customers.

It’s no secret that fast fashion is polluting the planet. So, in a bid to become more eco-conscious, renting clothes, instead of buying new and contributing to the rapid rate of ‘wear-once-throw-later’ culture, is one way to tackle the problem.

Urban Outfitters’ new online subscription service will allow people to rent six clothing items per month for an $88 monthly fee, before swapping them.

The womenswear service, called Nuuly, will launch in America this summer. Subscribers can choose to buy an item or return all the clothing they borrowed before they receive anything else. The returned garments will then be washed or dry cleaned and inspected before they are loaned out again. Items available for rental include the brand’s signature and vintage products as well as items from third-party labels like Reebok, Gal Meets Glam, and Fila

However, the retailer have declined to say if the service will be offered in the UK, stating: “The brand is looking forward to the opportunity to further evolve and expand both their offering and geographic footprint over time.”

They continued to say that ‘in terms of clothing, millennials in particular want variety and sustainability’, therefore this new scheme is a responsible way for them offer this element of choice.

The nascent market for online clothing rental is set to grow to $2.5bn by 2023, according to research firm GlobalData.

We only hope more brands catch onto this more sustainable way of accessing fashion.