War on Plastic


Plastic is taking over our planet. From the coastlines we flock to on sunny days, to the isolated icebergs most of us won't ever venture to, plastic has left is mark all over the planet, and is causing a devastating effect. If entrapping wildlife, forming a gigantic garbage patch twice the size of Texas in our oceans, and releasing toxic chemicals in landfills wasn't enough, plastic is also working its way up the food chain, causing the painful, premature deaths of so many beautiful animals.

We all need to take action

As we rapidly head towards a future where there is more plastic in the ocean than fish, it's becoming apparent that recycling is no longer enough. We need to regain control of our lifestyles and look for planet-friendly alternatives to this toxic material. Plastic has weaved its way into the fabric of our everyday lives, from our very first day to our last.

It's time for a change and we're here to help everyone reduce single-use plastic. The war on plastic has begun.

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