We Meet The The Kindness Co-op

Wear your heart on your sleeve with this positive and planet-friendly clothing company.

If ever there was proof that there’s an abundance of kindness in the world, it radiates from this clothing brand. Set up by two friends, Lucie and Charlie, The Kindness Co-op promote positivity. They encourage customers, especially children, to be nice to one another through inspirational clothing and accessories. Not only are their items organic, ethically-sourced and wrapped in recyclable packaging, the brand also donate a portion of their profits to the wonderful charity, YoungMinds. We caught up with the duo to find out more.

Clothing company The Kindness Coop

The Kindness Co-op is all about inclusivity, positivity and obviously kindness. For us, doing good is all about being kind to yourself, each other and the planet, as well as raising money for charity. With this in mind, we decided to design and produce our own products centred around the concept of kindness. We’ve both had to deal with life-changing illnesses – one of us physically and one mentally – and during those times we both felt we were shown such kindness that we felt inspired to pass it on. We wanted a brand that had a positive meaning behind it, as well an altruistic aspect to it. This was never about making a quick buck, it was about doing something meaningful and fulfilling.

Eco clothing

We use organic cotton for our garments, which emits up to 46 per cent less greenhouse gas than non-organic. Plus, it saves precious water as the soil is healthier and soaks up more natural rain water. Rivers and lakes are kept cleaner, too, by not using pesticides. In addition, all our garments are hand screen-printed locally and sometimes we pick them up on our bikes, so our carbon footprint is pretty small. Our stationery is printed on recycled paper or card and we don’t use any plastic packaging. It’s getting easier to find more sustainable ways to package your goods these days which really helps.

Clothing company The Kindness Coop


Being environmentally-friendly is a growing topic of concern for everyone these days. But, it’s often the younger generation who are more educated than the adults. We read a quote recently saying: ‘kids have got to take time out of their childhoods to explain climate science to us which should be a matter of profound shame.’ And, it’s so true. We love that children are being heard. After all, it will be their planet in a few years, so it’s great that they are being so vocal.

Charitable causes

We donate a percentage or profit to YoungMinds, as this is a charity Lucie really relates to. Having had undiagnosed OCD and anxiety from a very young age, she has often said that she wishes there’d been an organisation like this around when she was a child. According to YoungMinds, three children in every classroom have a mental health problem. With an incredibly increased pace of life, children are now under huge amounts of pressure, so any support they can get is immensely important.

Clothing company The Kindness Coop


There can never be enough kindness in the world. It’s most definitely the way forward and the only way we can keep our communities together. Attitudes are definitely shifting and as the appetite for having a more healthy mental state of mind grows, people appreciate the effect kindness can have on both themselves and others. There are even scientific studies showing that kindness can reduce depression, anxiety, blood pressure and stress. What’s not to love?!