What is the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary?

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Long before humans walked the Earth, the Arctic Ocean has been covered with ice which has kept our planet cool. This polar ice is our planet’s air conditioning system, working by reflecting half of the sun’s heat back into space.


Today, there is 75 per cent less Arctic ice than fifty years ago, and so exposed Arctic water now absorbs 90 per cent of the sun’s heat, contributing to global warming and affecting life as we know it.


So, how can we help? The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), was set up by the brilliant volunteer team behind parvati.org. MAPS has declared the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic circle an international peace park, free from all kinds of exploitation and activity that harms the melting polar ice.


MAPS’ work in this area helps to reduce climate change, sea level rises, and protects ecosystems the world round from catastrophic weather. Parvati’s goal is to connect with people around the world who will be inspired to support MAPS through action, because it matters to the future of all life on Earth.


Want to get involved? Visit parvati.org